See My Voice

A Design competition for every 14-18 year old. We’re launching along with Bounce Theatre, See You Voice to enable young people everywhere to let the rest of us finally hear their voice/their views on themselves and the world around them.

The competition will run next year, within that time we will be arranging guest speakers and mentors to encourage and inspire and we’ll be creating an online safe, positive and creative community where young people can keep asking questions.

You do not need to be taking GCSE or A Level Art to enter, its your design, your words and that’s what we want to see. The winner will have their work transferred onto prints, stickers, mugs, T-shirts, a film, a piece of music it’s your call and will be sold in Love Art (Tooting Market).

You’ll also have a share in the profits, the remainder will go to repaying Love Art for selling the work and the remainder to The Grace Dear Trust, a brilliant charity for Young People. If you’d like to register yours or your child’s interest please contact us for further details will be sent to you very soon.

It’s time to Make The World Listen. 🙂P.S Project leaders on this are Inca (aged 16) and Eva (aged 15) and then a few invisible adults behind the scenes.

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